Chisholm Trail Parkway - Texas

The North Texas Tollway Authority was seeking material to demark the shoulder of the highway to eliminate continue maintenance of the shoulder.  Ruby Lake Glass was tested at TTI (Texas Transportation Institute) and fit all the strict NTTA specifications for the project.  The color coated glass underwent testing to measure fade resistance in extreme heat and sun in the summer and the plowing of the occasional snow fall in the winter.  Over 900 tons of black color coated glass aggregate was installed over 37 miles of the highway.  This is the largest demarcation project undertaken in the United States. 

"As part of the aesthetic enhancements of the new Chisholm Trail Parkway in Fort Worth, Texas, the North Texas Tollway Authority committed to creating contrast color shoulders for the 8.4 mile urban segment of this new toll road. For durability and safety, a high friction surface course with the 'color of newly laid asphalt' was specified. Ruby Lake Glass brought forward the innovative solution of black tinted, environmentally friendly, recycled glass aggregate which has been installed by two separate contractors. the resulting installations have been outstanding in creating the image the community desired that will additionally retain its aesthetics into the future."

- Mark A Bouma, P.E. Technical Oversight Leader of North Texas Tollway Authority-Plano TX