What color do you want?

It's a lot of fun for us to tell a customer we can make any custom color. Here in the labs at Ruby Lake Glass we pride ourselves on our ingenuity to be creative and agile to the customer's needs. Recently, we've found another way to help people define their visions in design with custom color.

Introducing to you our latest color - gray. It's not our boldest or brightest color, but we are excited to share it with you! We were presented with a customer that wanted the skid-resistant surface we offer, but the color of concrete. We snatched up the opportunity to find the perfect match, mixing up 3 different "concrete" colors for sampling. Now we are here to present you with the winning color!



Color is the exciting part about Ruby Lake Glass, but our testing is the part that gets to the core of another very important topic - safety. When our product is applied to the ground, we have a friction rating of 71. What that means is that we have very good friction! And here is the bigger picture of what we are doing at Ruby Lake Glass, we have the opportunity to provide a custom skid resistant surface.  Our customer gets to keep the ground cover aesthetic of concrete and in the rainy days - they opted for anti-slip safety. When a bike is zipping through - there is traction. Safety through ingenuity is what we are proud to help our communities achieve.